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Most used elements in collage artwork

Collages, mash-ups, photomanipulations, compilations; They all are basically the same thing: Choosing a subject you want your design te be about, mix them up with some good elements and colours and produce stunning artwork.

But how do you define "good elements"? This depends on the kind of design you're making. There are some kind of elements that keep on repeating on several kinds of modern design.

Most used elements in collage artwork

Of course, you must remember that this is a round-up of the most used elements at this moment. This doesn't mean that you should stick with them: Be on top of the game, but be innovative and try something new! But for now: Here's a great collection of most used elements in collage artwork. Get inspired and be amazed!


Skyscrapers / Skylines

Flowers / Florals

Vector Elements / Silhouettes


(Big) Typography

(Vector) Rainbows

Fire / Water




Other objects could be colourful animals like butterflies and ladybugs. If you want more randomness, ink splatters are also used a lot.

And what do you think? What kind of elements are used a lot in this kind of artwork these days? Please share!

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