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Superb badass 3d fictional characters from CGTalk

CGTalk (the forum from CGSociety) is a place where great CG artists like to show-off their work. I'm especially amazed by the 3d stills section of the forum, showcasing beautiful and breathtaking 3d models.

This article is a collection of the most badass 3d fictional characters from CGTalk.

Badass 3d characters

Get ready to see some awesome badass characters that you don't want to see as a boss in a game: They'll surely kick your ass.

Badass 3d characters


Brute Chieftain

Captain Catapurtle



Parasite Eve

Princess Predator


Rebirth Of Thor

Safister Yilin

The Soulforged

Zombie Fury


You have to watch this awesome CG advertisement campaign from Snickers. Transforming beasts on a deserted airport playing rugby: What's not to like? I've already placed this CG Snickers Ad in the sideblog a while ago, but it really deserves the attention.

Krakatoa on Rugby

Hope you liked it and give your some inspiration for your next design work. If you know any other super badass 3d characters, feel free to share it with the rest.

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