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Place your feedcount in a random sentence

CSS-Tricks is a great website from Chris Coyier (I've mentioned it before) that I'm sure you've heard of. Next to the high quality of articles, the design of the blog is simple, yet really good. One of the things I really like about the design, is the way Chris shows his feedcount in a sentence, that will change every time you refresh your browser.

I was wondering how he created this funny RSS show-off and wanted to recreate the technique. Using Feedburner, PHP and some CSS, I managed to achieve the goal.

Place your feedcount in a random sentence

You can download the source code in the download section and you can view what we're going to make in the demo section.

Use this technique to pimp your website, making it a bit more funny and attractive for your visitors.

Tags:  php feedcount rss webdesign
A Flash image viewer by reading directory contents

As a web developer or programmer, you want to make your software as dynamic as possible. This means that you can easily change the code or contents, without digging in and rebuilding your original source.

(Flash) Image rotators are a pretty effective and attractive way to show your images. Most of the times, these Flash image rotators are not dynamic and need to rebuild every time you want to change the images. Here's a solution for this problem, because I'll explain how to create a Flash image viewer by reading directory contents.

Flash Image Rotator

Just place all images you want to rotate in the same directory as the Flash file and this script does all the work for you. If you want to add an image, just place it online and the Flash viewer will show it.

Check out the demo of the Flash image viewer, or download the flash image viewer by reading directory contents from the download section.

Tags:  xml php actionscript flash tutorial
7 tips to optimize Joomla! security

Last April Fools I made a joke that my website was hacked and turned upside down. When your website is really hacked, there's nothing funny about it.

Joomla! is a great CMS that is used worldwide. For this reason, hackers often try to find a way to hack a Joomla! website. Here are 7 tips to optimize your Joomla! security, preventing your Joomla! website getting hacked.

7 Joomla! security tips

Always remember to make a regular backup of your website and database. If you still get hacked, you can always get back to an older version of your website. Make sure you find out which extension caused the vulnerability and un-install it.

Tags:  security hacked joomla tips
A parallax illusion with CSS: The Horse in Motion

Time for some fun with CSS and optical illusions. For those people that are feed subscribers for a while, will know that I really love optical illusions. I already wrote several articles with optical illusions (15 cool word illusions, Illusion of a 3D dragon and more), and now it's time to create one myself with the help of CSS.

One of the optical illusion video's that I saw a while ago, was the example of the book called Magic Moving Images. The video clearly explains how this optical illusion works and I really liked it.

Optical Illusion CSS Parallax

I wanted to recreate the effect of the illusion with the help of parallax and CSS. Chris Coyier wrote an article about Starry Night: Incredible 3D Background Effect with Parallax. This was the foundation of the effect of an optical illusion.

Check out the demo page with can be created by combining those two awesome techniques.

Tags:  css optical illusion horse motion fun
Expanding a HTML form using JavaScript

Using forms in a website to let the user register is pretty common these days. But what happens when you want several input values of the same subject? It's pretty ugly to make 20 fields with "I can speak the following languages:". Those users that can only speak one or two languages would leave a big empty space and would have to scroll down a lot. Those users that can speak more than 20 languages can't input everything they want.

In this example, what you want is that the user can give an input and dynamically expand the form. This can be achieved with the help of JavaScript and here I'll show you how.

Expanding Forms

This isn't going to be a long article, since I don't have much to tell about this technique. Just check out the demo, look at the code and learn for yourself. I added comments to make it a bit more easier.

Tags:  html javascript webdesign internet
Enable Gravatar support in !JoomlaComment

!JoomlaComment is one of the leading free commenting components for Joomla!. I've been using the component since the beginning of my website.

Still, !JoomlaComment isn't perfect (yet) in my opinion (And I'm not the only one). I would really like to see Trackback support and the ability to edit your own post in 120 seconds. For my website, I wanted to add Gravatar support, so I went editing the !JoomlaComment code to show those globally recognized avatars.

Gravatar for JoomlaComment

One of the strangest things is that !JoomlaComment already supports most things needed for Gravatar. There is already avatar support for Community Builder. The only thing needed for support Gravatar on a PHP platform is an email address. !JoomlaComment has the build-in functionality to ask the user for his email.

So let's edit the PHP code and let's add Gravatar support! This tutorial is written on the latest release of !JoomlaComment at this moment: 3.23.

Tags:  gravatar customize joomlacomment joomla
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