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mfBeer: A PayPal donation plugin for Joomla!
mfBeer mfBeer is a Joomla! plugin that allows you to add a "buy-me-a-beer" PayPal donation text at the bottom of each article. The original idea was from the Buy-me-a-beer Wordpress plugin.

The message created is very flexible, highly customizable and based on how to create a valid CSS alert message.

Want to kindly ask your visitors to donate some money? mfBeer is the anser!

Tags:  mambot plugin free joomla webdesign
mfBlank: External link recognition with icon suffix

If you have a website, one of the main things you want to do is keeping your users to stay. That's why, when you link to an external website, most people will add the attribute target="_blank" (new window) to the link.

mfBlank This method can be pretty time consuming, especially when you're not using a WYSIWYG editor. For more user friendly links, you could also add a suffix icon to show a new window will open.

mfBlank does all this work for you! It recognizes outgoing links and adds the target="_blank" and an icon automatically. This way, you'll make sure to keep your visitors on your site.

The script is very small, but can be really useful for your website.

Are you tired of placing the target=_"blank" attribute to all links on your Joomla! website? mfBlank is your solution and it automatically adds a suffix icon to external links.

Tags:  mambot free plugin joomla webdesign
Add a webclip icon for easy iPhone access

Today, I got my own iPhone. Big thanks to my girlfriend who knew someone that had a spare. Now you might think: "Why does he get one from someone else instead of buying one in the shops"? There's a very simple reason for that: The iPhone isn't released in Europe (yet).

The iPhone, like many other smart phones, can connect with the internet. What if you want the user to have a nice, fancy button for easy & fast access to your website? This is where the Webclip kicks in. Webclip on iPhone

Remember my tutorial on how to create a favicon for your website? A webclip is like a favicon for the iPhone & iPod touch and it'll look very professional.

Tags:  webclip apple iphone ipod webdesign internet
mfSyntaxHelper: A helper for the mfMambots syntaxes
mfSyntaxHelper I created a couple of Joomla! 1.0.x mambots a while ago. I received many comments that the mambots were really good and I was very happy to hear that. Additionally, I received a couple of comments that the syntax that was needed for the mambots was pretty hard. mfSyntaxHelper is the solution for those people.

This back-end Joomla! 1.0.x mambot allows you to easily insert the syntax from any of the supported mambots.

Having a hard time remembering the syntax of any mfMambot? mfSyntaxHelper is your solution!

Tags:  mambot free joomla webdesign
mfDockMenu: A fisheye effect for your Joomla! menu
mfDockMenu If you're using a Mac or used one in the past, I'm pretty sure you'll know (and love) the dock menu. The fish eye (or fisheye) effect, zooming in and out the objects, is really cool.

I created a module for Joomla! 1.0.x and Joomla! 1.5 that allows you to add such a dock menu to your website. It's called mfDockMenu and can be used to increase the Web 2.0 value of your website and to give it some more eye-candy.

Get ready for a very cool menu on your website. Use mfDockMenu and impress your visitors with this beautiful menu.

The script is build on the great CSS Dock Menu from N.Design. I've added N.Design to my network page, since it's a good design blog. mfDockMenu also uses jQuery.

Tags:  module free joomla webdesign
mfTechnoratiChart: Show off your blog reactions with a chart
mfTechnoratiChart Technorati is one of the most powerful search engines for blogs. You can organize your favorite blogs, check if you have reactions about your blog and much, much more.

I created a module that is available for Joomla! 1.0.x and Joomla! 1.5 that allows you to show off your Technorati blog reactions with a chart. It's called mfTechnoratiChart and uses the build-in engine of Technorati, so you'll always have the latest results.

It's time to show off your hard work and let people know that many other bloggers are talking about you. Of course you can use this module free of charge.

Tags:  module free joomla webdesign
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