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Reviews gets a facelift

Remember my goals for 2009? One of the goals was: Finally changing / update my template. Today, I'm proud to release this template, giving a totally new and unique look.

The New

I already had my template designed November 2008, but never had the time to convert it to HTML/CSS. I was really lucky to be the winner of a PSD to XHTML contest on CrazyLeaf. The guys from Feathercode did a real good job at converting my PSD to a nice XHTML page.

Since I'm using Joomla!, I still needed to transfer this XHTML to a Joomla! template. It took me a while, but it's finally here: the new template for is placed in the wild!

Changes from the previous theme:

  1. Header/Footer (Didn't you notice?)
  2. Typeface
  3. Now added a live Twitter feed
  4. Made use of some fun jQuery
  5. Advertising spots are now through BuySellAds - Just $40 each!

Just check out the new that got a new, colourful, grungy, abstract new look.

Tags:  facelift marcofolio template design grunge
1st International SOA Symposium 2008

The first international SOA Symposium was held on the 7th and 8th of October in the Amsterdam ArenA. Ironically enough, the abbreviation "SOA" in The Netherlands is the translation of a STD (Sexually transmitted disease). But at the symposium, everyone knew what a SOA ment for programmers: a Service-oriented architecture.

A little background on this article: As some of you already know, I'm a student at the College of Arnhem and Nijmegen Computer science Communication. I'm doing my minor right now, which is about EAD (Enterprise Application Development). Not going into further details here, but a SOA is one part of the EAD. This is the main reason why my fellow students, teachers and myself were present at the symposium.

1st International SOA Symposium 2008

This post is a review about my personal impressions of each speaker session and the overall symposium, just in case you're planning to visit the next International SOA Symposium and sharing my thoughts. This are the speaker sessions that I've been following.

7th of October, 2008

  1. Art Ligthart, Thomas Erl, Sandy Carter - Opening Keynotes*
  2. Thomas Erl - The Architecture of Service-Orientation*
  3. Sandy Carter - Understanding SOA and Web 2.0*
  4. Umit Yalcinalp - Enterprise Mashups with SOA*
  5. Mark Little - Using REST and WS-* Together for SOA*
  6. Thomas Erl - Introducing Design Patterns

8th of October, 2008

  1. Art Ligthart, Dennis Wisnosky, David Chappell - Opening Keynotes
  2. Prakash Narayan - Developing Killer SOA Apps with Java EE*
  3. Chris Riley - Design Patterns for Web Service Contract Versioning*
  4. Andre Tost - Implementing Service Models with Java
  5. Mark Little - Web Services and Transactions*
  6. Brian Loesgen - A Preview of Microsoft Oslo: How Oslo will Help Build More Sophisticated SOA Solutions

Sessions marked with an asterisk (*) are explained in further details below.

Tags:  soa service oriented architecture international symposium review programming
Requesting feedback for an update on

I've already told you before I'm working on a new layout for I don't know when this design will go live (I'm really busy these days) but I'll promise you: It'll be a lot different than this one.

The design is a matter of taste, but articles is another story. Therefor I'm requesting feedback on articles you would like to see on Just like other websites / blogs, I really want to bring the best to my readers.

If you have any other ideas that are interesting, please share by placing it in the comments. I'm all ears and maybe your idea will make it in the next update of So the question really is:

What do you want to see on this website?

Thank you for your time and helping me improve this website.

Tags:  feedback poll marcofolio request announcement update
Proud to be a new 9rules network member

Yesterday the 9rules network released their list of accepted sites from round 7. And guess what: made the list and is now a 9rules member. I made it in round 7, together with a couple of blogs that I personally like too, like Fuel Your Creativity, Freelance Folder, Designer-Daily and Tutorial9 . on 9rules

Examples of blogs that already are member of the network are SmashingMagazine, EliteByDesign and PSDTuts. These are examples of the high quality sites on 9rules.

9rules: The best content from the independent web.

If you're a 9rules member, please share the experience with us (What are the benefits for you?). Or what is the reason you don't want to join this network? Discuss.

Tags:  9rules marcofolio network
Blog layouts before they were big

Everything has to start small. The same counts for blogs. These days, the blog-o-sphere is dominated by a couple of blogs that have many readers. I'm pretty sure you've heard (and seen) blogs like PSDTuts, Abduzeedo and Noupe. One day, I hope becomes one of those big websites too.

But did you ever wonder, how these awesome websites looked liked in the good old days? Look no further, because here's a list showing blog layouts before they were big.

Old Blog Layouts

The image above is showing my website ( on Jun 09, 2002. It wasn't my domain back then, so I don't know what kind of website it was. If you want to take a guess, I'm all ears.

This article is showing the old designs of popular blogs that currently have a beautiful layout (mostly design blogs). It's possible that the moment the screenshots were taken, the owner of the site is someone else than now (like my website).

Tags:  blog layouts website internet
An interview with John Campbell: Creator of DesignBump

DesignBump, a new community website especially for design, has just opened it's doors. I mentioned it before in the sideblog because I think this website has a lot of potential.

Today I had the chance to get an interview of the man behind DesignBump: John Campbell. He'll tell us some background information about this upcoming and growing website.

Interview with DesignBump

As you could have expected, I'm a registered member too. If you're really in to design, you should really take a look at DesignBump.

Tags:  interview john campball designbump
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