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Happy 1st anniversary

Whoohoo! Party time! Today (9th of May, 2008) is exactly one year after I bought the domain. Meaning, today is the first birthday of this website.

I'm pretty satisfied with what happened the past year. The first couple of months, this website was nothing more than my personal portfolio. After a while I started blogging and even made a pretty nice list with my favorite articles from 2007 and even made an april fools prank.

Because of the increasing number of readers, I updated my layout for the website to version 1.5. Recently, I became #2 top blogger under 21. For all my articles, you can go to the sitemap.

1 year of

As a little present for you, I added Gravatar support in the commenting system. This way, your comment will be more personal with your own avatar.

Also, for the RSS Feed Readers among you, using a RSS Reader like Feedreader: The feed will now display formatted HTML. This way, you'll get a faster intension of the article (image & links) and it looks a lot nicer. I apologize to those people who got "double messages" in their feed reader: It happens when you change the Feedburner Feed.

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Being #2 top blogger under 21

Michael from RetireAt21 released a list of top young bloggers under 21. I was pretty happy to hear that I made it to his list, but did't expect to get listed that high: I'm listed as number 2 top blogger under 21.








Thilak Raj Rao


21,749 20,499


Marco Kuiper


32,712 14,278


Eli Burford


36,526 21,714


Carl Ocab


90,186 6,138


Ahson Rafiq


43,137 17,285

The full list contains 30 of the most top-ranked blogs by authors under the age of 21. Some of them are really great!

I would like to grab this chance to thank all you readers / visitors out there. Many comments and seeing the subscriber count rise every day keeps me motivated to keep this blog up and running. It's really cool, especially when you know that got off the ground less than a year ago.

Anyway, for the Photoshop-users out there: Get ready for another awesome Photoshop tutorial that I'll be releasing in a couple of days. And for those readers that like my monthly Imagedumps; I'm sure you're aware that it's already a new month, so stay tuned!

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RapidShare: Cutest but lamest CAPTCHA

A while ago, John Willis posted an article with 10 worst forms of CAPTCHAs. Yesterday, I found another form of CAPTCHA that could be added to his list. This is an image from file hosting service

RapidShare CAPTCHA

What do you think the four letters are?

Have you ever encountered such an aweful form of CAPTCHA like me? Show them. The Spanner created an innovative CAPTCHA called CODETCHA but is mainly focused on programmers.

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iPhone Dev Team delays release of iPhone PWNED

I'm one of the iPhone users from the world that are really looking forward to the iPhone 2.0 software release. The update will be available in June, but the iPhone Dev Team already got their hands on this fine piece of software. Better yet: They hacked it to let it run 3rd party application. And the best: It will be released this week.

iPhone 2.0 Pwnd

A downside: It was going to be released on the 30th of March, but it had a couple of delays. They're improving the script & making a Windows version of the application. goes v1.5

Hi! I passed the "550 (stable) feed readers" border last week, so I decided to give my beloved visitors an update of the website. I changed a couple of things to improve the site. One of the things you probably noticed already, is the different kind of lay-out. goes 1.5

Here is a list of the changes made on Feel free to give me some feedback about the changes. If you found some bugs, please leave a comment or contact me.

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Top 5 worst forms of online advertisement

Since the beginning of this blog there were a lot of visitors and my website kept on growing. Because of that, several advertising websites contacted me if I was willing to put their clients ads on my website. I rejected them because they weren't in the best interest of my readers, which is very important for me.

I did some research and created a top 5 worst forms of online advertisement that will surely keep your visitors away.

Worst forms of online advertisement

This list is created from the users point of view. I think that if you add the number 1 on this list to your website, you'll probably receive more money. So it's up to you: Do you want more visitors and a high-quality website or do you want to fill up your website with loads of ads, keeping your visitors away?

Let me start that I wont put the Pop-up advertisement in this article. Those are old and most people now have a pop-up blocker or use Firefox to stop pop-ups. Who does believe that they're the 10.000th visitor of the website and click anyway?

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