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3 year anniversary of

Not one, not two, but is turning 3 years old today! Time goes so fast when you're having so much fun, doesn't it? And I'm still writing high quality content with pleasure, still exploring more and more possibilities of the web every day. turns three

I believe the quality of the articles have gained a lot, especially compared to the first year. I wanted to push out a redesign before the blog turned three, but because of the lack if time, you'll have to wait a while. But stay tuned, I hope to get it up and running as fast as possible.

I hope to see you sticking around here and enjoy your stay on this website as much as I do writing it. Stay tuned for more high quality articles, jQuery tutorials, inspirational articles, CSS(3) proof of concepts and much, much more!

I came a long way

It's pretty funny to see that I truly came from a long way. Not only for Marcofolio, but the whole web development/-design. I found a website that I created in 2004 for a school project. You won't believe the things you see there. So, feel free to visit the site: Programmeertalen (Assignment for IT class) (Dutch). One small thing: It's best viewable with Internet Explorer (can you believe I said that?).

Couple of facts. Back than, I

  • Actually liked the WordArt used in the header
  • Loved the animations for the menu
  • Created the page optimized for IE with a screen resolution of 800x600
  • Didn't care about the blue background and red text
  • Thought that Java and JavaScript were the same
  • Created a "Go to top" button that doesn't use an anchor, but reloads the page
  • Didn't know anything about CSS so used inline styling
  • Created the site using Microsoft FrontPage

Here are a couple of screenshots in case you don't have IE:

Programmeertalen 01

Programmeertalen 02

Programmeertalen 03

Programmeertalen 04

How could I make it any more horrible than that? Luckily, I've learned a lot about (web)design and I hope you can see that on Marcofolio.

Want to help improve

You can! Simply do one (or more) of the following:

Thank you

Thank you once again for these wonderful three years. Although I really like to share my creative thoughts with everyone, you're the ones that make it possible too.

And don't you worry: I'm here to stay for a while. On to the next celebration of!

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