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Hi! I passed the "550 (stable) feed readers" border last week, so I decided to give my beloved visitors an update of the website. I changed a couple of things to improve the site. One of the things you probably noticed already, is the different kind of lay-out. goes 1.5

Here is a list of the changes made on Feel free to give me some feedback about the changes. If you found some bugs, please leave a comment or contact me.

Added functionality to commenting system Added functionality to commenting system
As a little reward of leaving a reply, you can now leave the URL of your own website or blog. You can now get updates through e-mail when a new comment is made on the article, or you can subscribe to the comment feed. As an addition, new emoticons are used.
Added a demo section Added a demo section
I've created a demo section where I place demo's for (webdesign) scripts, so you can see how it works in action. I'm still busy transferring all old demo's to this page, but it's looking nice already.
Added a downloads section Added a downloads section
The download section is already up for some time now, but I needed to test it properly. It seems that the download section already had many visitors, so it's working fine. All things that I offer for free are located there.
Changed the header Changed the header
As you have seen, the header on top of the page is changed. I've used the header created by Krato because I really liked it. Did some of my own changes & placed it online.
Added picture on About Me page Added picture on About Me page
After several mails from readers, I placed a picture of me online. It's the same picture that I use on Digg & StumbleUpon, but on my about page it's bigger & photoshopped. That's me, running
Updated & changed portfolio Updated & changed portfolio
Allright, I have to admit: This part of the website, my portfolio, will get updated next weekend. I will be adding my latest project & show them in a nicer, Flash page-folder style. Expect these changes soon.
Added new sections Added new sections
I've added a couple of new sections.
  1. Joomla!
    A dedicated section for my favorite CMS Joomla!. This is the place where I put all my J! add-ons / templates etc.
  2. Featured
    In this section, guest articles are placed. Also other websites who deserve to be placed in the spotlight get a place in this section. Want to get featured? More details soon.
  3. Shorts
    In this section, I'll be placing short articles, such as useful tips, funny jokes etc. They'll not appear on the front page of my website, only RSS feed subscribers will see them. Others will have to navigate to this section.
Beautiful sIFR headers Beautiful sIFR headers
I'm using a custom font for the titles of the articles. The beautiful font called Diavlo is now used for nice typography.
Tabbed navigation & information Tabbed navigation & information
As you can see, on the right of the page you'll find some tabs. These tabs display the latest articles, the latest comments, the navigation and more.
Death of WeirdGlobeNews Death of WeirdGlobeNews
I take this moment to announce that my other project, WeirdGlobeNews, has come to an end. I simply don't have the time to do it all alone.

More changes that are made:

  1. Articles are now the first thing you read, since those are the most important. They are listed on the left side of the page, all other stuff is on the right.
  2. Increased the width of the template. This way, images from the imagedump in the future will be a little big bigger.
  3. Because of the sIFR headers, the header titles are non-click-able when visiting from the frontpage. To compensate, the big "preview images" that I add to each article are now linked to read the full article.
  4. Each article will now display a Digg button on top, for easy Digg'in.
So I went from this: 1.0
To this! 1.5

The article displayed was the 33 favorite articles from 2007.

I'm pretty happy with the final result: No massive changes, the "good-old-trusty-lay-out" is still recognizable but it's now more prepared for the future. What do you think?

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