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Links (or anchor tags) are really important in webdesign/development. With all default settings (Both in CSS and the webbrowser), a link does look pretty ugly: A blue, underlined text (and purple when

...ut anytime soon? If there aren't any milestones set for B.SG, do you have them for your own, like learning a programming language (as a designer)? I kind of take the growth of my ...

Apple is known to create beautiful products (next to the needed functionality of course). I already wrote several articles on how you can transfer some amazing iPhone designs to your webbrowser, I own

As you can see in my last article (a chat conversation with Janko Javonovic), the article is nicely styled in a real "chat conversation" way. This is achieved by placing the text in text (or

... is, what do you like the most about the whole process? Designing the UI, thinking about new/innovative stuff, programming etc.? Oh, I didn't count that because I dropped the suppor...

Remember that I created "the iPhone unlock screen" and "the iPhone springboard" in xHTML, CSS and jQuery? Today, I'm bringing you another chapter of transferring some of the beauti

...a lot of my time. When my classmates and myself wrote the Getting Groovy in an SOA Study, we added some cool programming quotes that was a real addition to the report. When searching for those inspi...

38. Getting Groovy in an SOA
Six months ago, I've started researching a fairly new programming language called Groovy together with a couple of my classmates. Our task was to investigate Groovy, Grails, and their position in a SO

Last week, I wrote an article on how to create the iPhone Unlock Screen using xHTML, CSS and jQuery. As stated in the article, I would really love to tranfer more of the sleek iPhone design to a webpa

!JoomlaComment is one of the leading free commenting components for Joomla!. I've been using the component since the beginning of my website. As I said before, !JoomlaComment isn't perfect (yet). It

The iPhone: Everybody knows what it is, many people "played around" with the gadget and most people love it. I also own one of these amazing smartphones, and the looks of the software is rea in different areas. For example, you need to be an expert in the following areas: Photoshop, HTML, writing, programming, and the like. However, the first step in designing a website is proper plann... was the easiest thing to do. I hoped you learned something today, just by getting better and better at programming with the super CakePHP framework. Next time, we'll get into data validation, ...

44. Mass Twitter Action and Retrieve Script
As you might have noticed, I've been mentioning the Twitter service already a couple of times here. I've created a webpage that you can use to display your own Twitter updates and showed that Twitter

45. Dynamic Flash Logo Scroller with Links
A while ago, I wrote an article called a Flash image viewer by reading directory contents. Jon Diamond found my article and used it to create a dynamic Flash logo scroller for ImageWorks Studio. You c

For those people that are following me already on Twitter will know that I'm working with the amazing CakePHP framework on my webdevelopment / webdesign job. CakePHP is a rapid development framework

47. Unique website for your Digg updates
A couple of days ago, I presented the Unique website for your Twitter updates Reloaded. The script was based on another one TutorialBlog released earlier. Now I'm using the same idea but converting

The first international SOA Symposium was held on the 7th and 8th of October in the Amsterdam ArenA. Ironically enough, the abbreviation "SOA" in The Netherlands is the translation of a STD (Sexually

Recently, I started "Tweeting" on Twitter. I was really skeptical first, but now that I'm getting the hang of it, I really start to like it. I saw an article on Tutorialblog on how to create a uniqu

CSS-Tricks is a great website from Chris Coyier (I've mentioned it before) that I'm sure you've heard of. Next to the high quality of articles, the design of the blog is simple, yet really good. One o

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