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31. Being #2 top blogger under 21
Michael from RetireAt21 released a list of top young bloggers under 21. I was pretty happy to hear that I made it to his list, but did't expect to get listed that high: I'm listed as number 2 top blog

A while ago, John Willis posted an article with 10 worst forms of CAPTCHAs. Yesterday, I found another form of CAPTCHA that could be added to his list. This is an image from file hosting service Rapid

33. May 1st RSS Awareness Day
Only a very small percentage of the Internet population is aware of the RSS format and its benefits. DailyBlogTips is calling in the help of every blogger to make May 1st RSS awereness day. You can

...that replaced the original ones. There was just one problem with this: The more commonly used web browser Internet Explorer 6 couldn't handle Unicode and only displayed boxes / squares. I had to che...

35. goes v1.5
Hi! I passed the "550 (stable) feed readers" border last week, so I decided to give my beloved visitors an update of the website. I changed a couple of things to improve the site. One of the things yo

36. Baby car logos
... So now you know how a mini-version of a car logo looks like. Maybe an idea to play around with famous internet logos? ...

Recently, I was stumbling over the net and came across an article showing me the following message: Hello StumbleUpon user! If you like this article, consider to give it a thumbs up. It was as if

...The iPhone isn't released in Europe (yet). The iPhone, like many other smart phones, can connect with the internet. What if you want the user to have a nice, fancy button for easy & fast access to y...

...tember of 2007. Ultimately, the goal with YouGetSignal is to contribute a set of useful tools to the global Internet community. Programming and Coding Will the browser apply the rule(...

Regular readers of my website know that I've written an article before listing 20 proxy websites. There were a lot of comments in that article complaining about proxies that didn't unblock MySpace, Hi

...leased that there aren't many websites on the net that are ugly these days. But still, some websites on the internet manage to hurt my eyes. Thumbs down and you'll never ever see me again. Stupid F...

As a blogger, the main thing that you probably want is having many RSS feed readers. Remember the 22 steps you must do after setting up a blog? One of the tips in that article was: If you're a member

Do you hate getting spyware from P2P programs such as LimeWire?. And don't you want to download the full album through torrents since you only want that one single or song? Here's the solution: A coup

.... Everybody loves it. Personally, I really like hardstyle music the most. Music loops are used all over the internet, mainly found in Flash animations. Those loops are created on a computer, but here ...

Since the beginning of this blog there were a lot of visitors and my website kept on growing. Because of that, several advertising websites contacted me if I was willing to put their clients ads on my

46. Use a custom font on your website
Webdesigners always have to make sure that they use a common font for their website, otherwise it'll display incorrect on browser that don't have the font installed. This can be really annoying if you browse the net anonymously (tools) Here's a list of websites where you can enter an URL to browse the internet hidden under a proxy. 22 beautiful image galleries for your webs...

48. Create a sticky sidebar or box
.... Feel free to change the CSS or JavaScript code to your own needs. There's one catch: It doesn't work in Internet Explorer 6. But since Firefox is taking of the world and IE7 is now more and more u...

I'm sorry folks, I don't know why this is. The number "22" has hit me and I don't know why. After my articles with top 22 CSS tutorials, 22 steps you must do after setting up a blog and my previous ar

...lder that can only be accessed by going to C:\Documents and Settings\[USERNAME]\Desktop. Change the Internet Explorer default download directory Unlike other browsers (e.g. Firefox and Opera...

51. Sitemap
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...s [Imagedump] November 2007 - Part 1 [50 Images] 10 beautiful RSS icon packs for Web 2.0 Computer and Internet history 15 tips on how to save bandwidth Faces everywhere [15 Images + 8 Illusi...

52. 404
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404 error: File not found There are over a billion webpages on the Internet and you were trying to visit this exact page on my website that wasn't there. The article can be removed, but most likely

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