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... Adobe Air, Flash and Flex which will help you to improve your skills. Mac Style PhotoFlip Gallery The WebdesignerWall is one the most successful designer blogs available in the internet. Though...

...]</span> </a> <!-- more items --> <span class="category">Webdesign</span> <a href="[URL_FROM_DATABASE]"> <...

As you can see in my last article (a chat conversation with Janko Javonovic), the article is nicely styled in a real "chat conversation" way. This is achieved by placing the text in text (or

... that he's sharing. Last week, I was "chatting on warp speed" with Janko, sharing thoughts about webdesign, UI design, webdevelopment and his personal life. You can read this conversation ...

Remember that I created "the iPhone unlock screen" and "the iPhone springboard" in xHTML, CSS and jQuery? Today, I'm bringing you another chapter of transferring some of the beauti

Last week, I wrote an article on how to create the iPhone Unlock Screen using xHTML, CSS and jQuery. As stated in the article, I would really love to tranfer more of the sleek iPhone design to a webpa

The iPhone: Everybody knows what it is, many people "played around" with the gadget and most people love it. I also own one of these amazing smartphones, and the looks of the software is rea

...nd placed them on The comments on top are the ones that can call themselves the lucky winners! Webdesign Prizes Sonali Agrawal - One icon package from IconGalore Valerio -...

Kids are outside already playing with fireforks as the end of 2008 in near. Bloggers are rolling out their best blog posts from the past year and I would to do the same, just like I did last year. 2

Like I said in my previous Giveaway - Comment2Win article, there are two contests on to help you out during the expensive holiday times. Today, we're starting the giveaway licenses of a

It's Christmas time all over the world. People are buying presents for others, while some can't wait to prepare the turkey for dinner. It has to be one of the most expensive times of the year, but it'

Time for a short tip: What are the (user)names / identity names that should try to grab as soon as possible? You want to identify yourself all over the net when you have a blog / website, so you shoul

... of my time doing. I like to give away only the best quality stuff to help designers everywhere. Duke WebDesignerWall Nick La has a great UI of his property. N.Design Studio and Best Web Gall...

A while ago, I placed an article called building a blog with CakePHP - Part 1: Getting started. The tutorial gave you a good start in the world of CakePHP, just to learn the basics of the framework.

45. Mass Twitter Action and Retrieve Script
As you might have noticed, I've been mentioning the Twitter service already a couple of times here. I've created a webpage that you can use to display your own Twitter updates and showed that Twitter

...g me already on Twitter will know that I'm working with the amazing CakePHP framework on my webdevelopment / webdesign job. CakePHP is a rapid development framework for PHP that provides an extensib...

47. Unique website for your Digg updates
A couple of days ago, I presented the Unique website for your Twitter updates Reloaded. The script was based on another one TutorialBlog released earlier. Now I'm using the same idea but converting

Recently, I started "Tweeting" on Twitter. I was really skeptical first, but now that I'm getting the hang of it, I really start to like it. I saw an article on Tutorialblog on how to create a uniqu

49. Design Jobs on the Wall
WebDesignerWall launched their own jobs system, where you can find design and coding jobs.

CSS-Tricks is a great website from Chris Coyier (I've mentioned it before) that I'm sure you've heard of. Next to the high quality of articles, the design of the blog is simple, yet really good. One o

51. Sitemap
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...omepage Art Photoshop Icon Inspiration Programming Actionscript Webdesign CSS Joomla! Fun Imagedump Video Games ...

52. Webdesign
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