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Does Blogrush's blogosphere work?

A few days ago I posted an article how to boost up your traffic and get more readers on your blog for free. Here's an article that'll make you think again about BlogRush. Does it really work? For me it did: It got a couple of more readers on my blog and have more visits than before.


I'm not writing this article to get more BlogRush users. I just write about the up- and downsides about the service and give you some tips. Now it's up to you to decide whether or not to use it.

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Making comments in your source code

Commenting is absolutely necessary when programming. It's useful to you because you won't forget what you were doing or thinking at that time. But it's expecially useful for others because they'll know how to work with your code.

Every programming language has it's own way of making comments, which can be very annoying. Never had that you were making Java comments on your HTML page? Here's a small list of some programming languages with their way of commenting. Alltough CSS, HTML and MySQL aren't real programming languages, I posted them in this list because it can be useful for webdesigners.

Did you comment your code correct?

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Boost up your traffic and get more readers on your blog for free

Many people on the internet have a blog these days. Some are interesting to read, others are not. What bloggers above all want, is getting as much website traffic on their blog. This simply means getting as much readers as possible.

There are many ways to get more readers. First, you'll need to create a RSS Feed for your blog. To keep track of your feed, submit it to Feedburner. Now get ready to blog and share.

Depending on what you write, there are several options to get the world to know that you've created an awsome post. You can submit them to community sites such as StumbleUpon,, Digg etc.

If you're still not satisfied with the results, you can try a whole new way of sharing your posts: BlogRush. It'll boost up the traffic on your website and you'll probably get more readers out of it. It works like a charm! And best of all: It's completely free.


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Automatic sign into Gmail using a bookmark

Also like to use the mailingservice from Google, Gmail? You're not alone, with the massive amount of space you'll get with your Gmail account, many users worldwide are using this service. Here's a nifty little trick that'll allow you to create a bookmark that'll automatic will log you in to Gmail. No entering of your username / password is required every time you log on. Tested on Internet Explorer and Firefox, but will probably work on other browsers too.

Gmail Auto login bookmark

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Increase your browser page transfer speed

Loading webpages is something you want to do fast. There are many popular webbrowsers out there that all have a different type of handling with webpages. The two webbrowsers with the biggest market share, Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Internet Explorer can be tweaked for speed. Your webpages will now load up to 4 times faster! It's easy and the changes are made within a few minutes. After that, you'll save lots of time browsing on The Internet.

Speed up your Browser

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Tips to shrink the Windows directory to create space

If you don't have enough space on your PC anymore and you don't want to spend money (yet) on a new harddrive, try cleaning up your Windows directory. Windows has a lot of junk that you would probably never use, so why not delete it.

Shrink Windows

Warning: Be careful what you do.

The folders where you'll be cleaning up are indeed part of Windows. These tips will only show which files and folders you can delete without touching the core files of Windows. Deleting any files is at your own risk.

This has been tested on Windows XP Pro Final and SP1 (Not home, but it should work fine) Windows 2003 Enterprise Server 3700, RTM, and The Free Evaluation version (Any 2k3 version should work fine), and Windows 2000 Pro. If the following folders are not on your 2k/2k3 system it means they are only in XP and you don’t need to worry about them.

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