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12 reasons why I hit the "Show next page" button directly

Social bookmarking websites are great. They help you spread the word of your blog, website or article and you can discover new ones. Personally, I like StumbleUpon the best. I like to stumble over the net, giving away many "Thumb up".

However, there are always websites that I come across when stumbling, that I just have to give a "thumbs down", or just directly navigate away from. Why? I have 12 reasons why I hit the "Show next page" button directly.

Show next page

Leaving out the 404 error pages and servers being down, here are the reasons I press the "Show next page" button in random order. Remember these tips and don't make these mistakes on your own website. These tips are not only for users from StumbleUpon, but for all websites.

  • Your website has an ugly lay-out

    I'm pleased that there aren't many websites on the net that are ugly these days. But still, some websites on the internet manage to hurt my eyes. Thumbs down and you'll never ever see me again.

  • Stupid Flash animations

    Flash animations can be really cool. Many games that I come across on StumbleUpon are innovative and fun to play. Too bad I also see terrible Flash animations that keep on looping with awful music. Seriously, stop making those.

  • Overkill of advertisements

    Pop-ups, 90% ads and 10% content, or one of the top 5 worst forms of online advertisement are things that I really hate. Be loyal to your readers and visitors, give them quality content and not stupid ads.

  • Lame URL changes

    There are websites like Just Got Owned where you can change the URL to something different and manage to change the content. Change the URL to something like index.php?q=stumle_upon_is_the_shit and you'll get massive traffic to your "discovery". Please people, stop doing this.

  • Promoting a referral ID

    Stumbling a referral ID like BlogRush or hiding it under an URL shortening service is absolutely lame. People are not stupid, they'll not register to help you with your request. These pages will be a direct "Thumbs Down", a negative comments and I'm out.

  • Using an IFRAME on the top of the page

    Websites with advertisements showing another website with in an IFRAME. I'd rather "Thumbs up" the actual website than giving the website with the "top frame" one. That's stealing content from other websites. Also, Stumbling Google Images is the same: Just stumble the page instead of the Google Image.

  • Stumbling good services

    I know that services such as Google, Gmail and Hotmail are great. You don't have to stumble them, I know them. Everybody knows them. Especially stumbling mailing services are stupid: I have an automatic login for Gmail, so I would go directly to my inbox. Not stumble-worthy.

  • Automatic page-redirect

    You go to a Stumbled page, but when it is finished loading, you'll automatically get redirected to another page. What was the use of Stumbling the original page if you'll get redirected to another page? Because of the new page, I hit the "Show next page" button directly.

  • Same content over and over

    How many times haven't you seen the cool looking business cards or all the funny demotivational posters already. All in the same order, so just a copy of the original. After five times seeing these pages, it just isn't funny anymore.

  • Automatic starting music on the background

    "Show next page". Page loading. *BAM*, there go my speakers. While listening to my own music, on the background of the site there is some tune playing. This is an absolute "no no", so there I "go go" to the next page.

  • Telling me to buy something

    Just like the referral ID. You're trying to promote your article where you want to sell something. C'mon people, stop doing this. I'm not going to buy anything from you, I just want to have a good time Stumbling over the net. Thumbs down, negative review and you'll never see me again.

  • The article is way too hard to read

    I don't like long pillar articles, but some have such an interesting title that I'm willing to read them if they're easy to read. Don't make one huge block of text, that's boring. Check out the 16 tips you must check before publishing an article and maybe I'll stick on your article. Otherwise, I'm out. Together with a huge amount of the StumbleUpon community.

Feel free to share your comments on why you would navigate away from the stumbled page.

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