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16 tips you must check before publishing an article

There you go. You've checked the 22 steps you must do after setting up a blog, wrote an article for your blog and are ready to publish it. Wait right there. Make sure you have all points checked below before you submit your post and let it view to the public.

Blog Tips

Check these tips before submitting any article. Doing so, you'll keep the quality of your articles high.

  1. Make sure you have an attractive title of your article
    The first thing that readers and visitors will see, is the title of the article. Write it in such a way, that your readers / visitors will have to say "Hey, I want to read that article!". This can be very hard to do, but if you can succeed in this, you'll definitely become a successfull blogger.
  2. Write short articles
    Stick to your subject. Don't make your article too long, since it'll bore your readers. Don't make it too short, otherwise you'll let out important information.
  3. Check the spelling and grammar of your post
    If you have to many grammar or spelling mistakes in your articles, you'll lose credibility. Learn the language that you're writing in such a way that it's readable. Too many mistakes and you'll lose.
  4. Use your text-markup correct
    It's hard to read a plain text without markup. Use <strong> and <em> to make your text bold or italic. Don't forget to use the headers, naming <H1> untill <H6>. Additionally, I personally like to use an alert or quote message in my articles.
  5. Use lists and tables
    Tables and lists can make your article better readable for your visitors. Use them correct. Make sure that you understand the difference between the unordered list (<UL>) and the ordered list (<OL>)
  6. Add image(s) to your article
    Nobody likes a page with just plain text. Give your article a little life by adding an image, even if it's just a small one.
  7. Link words / text to related content
    Don't be afraid to link to other sites. Give your readers information about a certain word / sentence.
  8. Publish your articles regularly
    Ok, this is a hard one for myself too. I write articles directly when I got the idea. Best thing is to write them on a regular time-base, so that your readers know when to expect an article from you. If you write 3 articles a day, write 3 articles every day. If you write 1 article in a week, write 1 article every week.
  9. Be uniform in all your articles
    Once you've chosen a format of writing, keep that style. Your readers like the way you write, so don't change it. Don't change a winning formula.
  10. Don't split your article in multiple pages
    Your readers will read your first page 100% sure. Other pages are "forgotten" most of the time and it's annoying to load another part of the same story. The only part where you're allowed to split the article, is when you have an intro text.
  11. Check the META data of your article
    For those people that are into SEO, they know that META data is very important for search engines. If your blogging-CMS allows you to change your META data for every article, do so. Edit the title, keywords and description to optimize it for search engines.
  12. Add a "Subscribe to my RSS Feed" line at the bottom of your article
    You want visitors to turn in to readers, don't you? Add the RSS line at the bottom of every post to remind them to subscribe.
  13. If you have time, wait a day (or two) before publishing
    When you take a little rest between reading your article, you'll be able to make small changes that'll increase the value of your article.
  14. Submit the article to different Social Bookmarking Sites
    After publishing your article, spread the word through different social media services. It'll help you gain more visitors if you created a really good article.
  15. Pingshot your feed and / or update your sitemap
    After publishing, pingshot your feed to update your readers that you have a new article. Also, update your sitemap to let Google and other searchengines know that you have a new post.
  16. Top Tip! Be friendly in your articles and be yourself
    Write how you like to write. Don't use expensive words or high-class grammar. Your readers are reading your blog because they like it, not because they're listening to their teacher.

All steps checked? Now publish your article and spread the word. Always check these tips before publishing.

If you have more tips, feel free to post them in the comments.

There you have it, I didn't wait long enough before publishing this article. I came up with another tip.

  1. Try to make your articles timeless
    The best articles are those which you can use over and over again. People will bookmark the page and will read it again (Just like this article).

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