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60 ridiculously useful tools for your blog or website

Tools and generators for your website can be really useful. They are created to help you improve your website in many different ways. Here's a list with 60 of my personal favorite tools or generators for your website.

Ridiculously useful tools for your blog

Of course, all of these tools, websites and online generators are free to use. Enjoy and good luck with your blog. I've split the tools in several categories. Everything is listed alphabetically.

Articles, Spelling / Translation

Orangoo Spell Check Orangoo Spell Check
Spell Check Your Text or Website Right Now! Free Online Spell Checker. Fast and Accurate Results. No Software Required.
Spellery Spellery
Spellery the website spell checker is a fast and cute tool, really nifty to have at hand. So bookmark it in a safe place and use it to check your spelling on blog posts and websites. Just submit your URL in the field and hit Spell Check and Spellery does the checking for you.
TheCompleteWord TheCompleteWord
Tired of blogging? Can't think of effective content for your website or ezine? All you have to do is type in the keywords for the subject your searching for and you'll find thousands of articles free for you to use. Millions of articles in the database!
WorldLingo WorldLingo
WorldLingo Computer Translation. If you're not a native speaker that is the same language as your blog, you could have difficulties writing the correct sentences. WorldLingo could help you with with translating text and words.

Design & Color

BrowserShots BrowserShots
Browsershots makes screenshots of your Web design in different browsers. It is a free open-source online service created by Johann C. Rocholl. When you submit your Web address, it will be added to the job queue. A number of distributed computers will open your Web site in their browser. Then they will make screenshots and upload them to the central server here.
Color Palette Generator Color Palette Generator
Enter the URL of an image to get a color palette that matches the image. This is useful for coming up with a website color palette that matches a key image a client wants to work with.
Color Scheme Generator 2 Color Scheme Generator 2
This application generates color schemes of several types. Every scheme is based on one (base) color, which is supplemented with additional colors making together the best optical imperssion - using one of the authentic algorithms.
Genfavicon Genfavicon
Nice online tools that allows you to create a favicon. A favicon (short for 'favorites icon'), are litle icons associated with a particular website or webpage, shown next to the site's name in the URL bar of most browsers.
Font Browser Font Browser
This flash application will allow to quickly preview the fonts active on your system.
Font Tester Font Tester
Font Tester is a free online font comparison tool. It allows you to easily preview and compare different fonts side by side with various CSS font styles applied to them. It is very useful for web developers who are looking for just the right font/style/color to use in their pages.
Genfavicon Genfavicon
Nice online tools that allows you to create a favicon. A favicon (short for 'favorites icon'), are litle icons associated with a particular website or webpage, shown next to the site's name in the URL bar of most browsers.
Screen Size Tester Screen Size Tester
Screen Size Tester. Check out your site in different screen sizes.


phpForm phpForm
Create your own PHP form with three simple steps.
Web Form Factory Web Form Factory
Web Form Factory is an open source web form generator which automatically generates the necessary backend code to tie your form to a database. By generating the backend code for you, WFF saves you time... time you could spend doing more interesting stuff.
Wufoo Wufoo
Wufoo is the easiest way to collect information online. Our innovative HTML form builder helps anyone create beautiful forms, online surveys and invitations without writing a single line of code.

Hosting, Domainname, DNS

DomainScour DomainScour
Very nice Web 2.0 website where you can find available domains in just seconds.
MyIPneighbors MyIPneighbors
For those on shared hosting, myIPneighbors IP search is a great way to find out who your neighbors are or just to see how many other websites your hosting company hosts your server.
WhoIsHostingThis WhoIsHostingThis
Who Is Hosting This is a tool that enables you to find out who is hosting any web site. Simply type in any domain name, and you'll get a link to the company that's hosting this particular domain. It's that simple!
WhoIsTheOwner WhoIsTheOwner
Who Is The Owner is a free online tool which enables you to discover who is the owner of any domain by querying more than 350 whois servers in the world. Simply type in any domain name and you'll get all the available informations (name, address, phone, ...) about its owner.
You Get Signal You Get Signal is a collection of network tools that the webmaster started working on in late September of 2007. Ultimately, the goal with YouGetSignal is to contribute a set of useful tools to the global Internet community.

Programming and Coding

Will the browser apply the rule(s)? Will the browser apply the rule(s)?
Check if your CSS file is supported by any browser.
CSS Optimiser CSS Optimiser
Online CSS Optimizer/Optimiser is a web tool for reducing the file size of cascading style sheets. In order to save more space optimized files would be messy even so you may output it as a file. Non-valid or hacked (for certain browsers) CSS files may result in error.
Grid Grid
As all designers know, the grid is absolutely fundamental to layout, whether you want to keep to a tight grid, or break it for effect. Grid is a highly configurable JavaScript bookmarklet which overlays a layout grid on any web-site you wish.
CSS Superdouche CSS Superdouche
This tool can significantly reduce the size and complexity of your CSS by programmatically stripping unneeded content, stripping redundant calls, and intelligently grouping the remaining element names.
XRAY is a bookmarklet for Internet Explorer 6+, and Webkit and Mozilla based browsers (including Safari, Firefox, Camino or Mozilla). Use it to see the box model for any element on any web page.


Blog Juice Blog Juice
Calculate the juice of your blog.
dnScoop dnScoop attempts to estimate a value for an established website or a domain name by using factors such as: Links pointing to the domain, Popularity of the domain, Age of the domain and more.
Page Strength Page Strength
The tool is designed to satisfy the curiosity of webmasters, surfers and web marketing professionals seeking a better metric to quickly assess a site/page's relative importance and visibility.
A tool to check at-a-glance the link popularity of any site based on its ranking (Google PageRank, Alexa Rank, Technorati etc.), social bookmarks (, etc), subscribers (Bloglines, etc) and more!
PRchecker PRchecker
By adding our Page Rank Checker tool (page rank icon) to your site you can instantly and easily check the rank (check PR) of all your web site pages right on your web site.
Test Everything! Test Everything!
Test everything on your website. CSS and HTML validators, SEO tools, Social services, Web proxies, Network tools, Text tools, Image tools and more.
WebsiteGrader WebsiteGrader
Website Grader is a free seo tool that measures the marketing effectiveness of a website. It provides a score that incorporates things like website traffic, SEO, social popularity and other technical factors. It also provides some basic advice on how the website can be improved from a marketing perspective.
Xinu Xinu
Check quickly your PageRank, backlinks and much more.

SEO & Uptime

Crawl Test Crawl Test
This tool helps quickly diagnose search engine crawling issues on your website.
Host-tracker Host-tracker
We have several monitoring points all over the world. Once you are registered with the service and the parameters of the monitoring are set, our system starts checking the specified resource periodically, and, should an access error occur, your site will be checked by all other monitoring points.
OnlineMetaTag OnlineMetaTag
Meta Tags are HTML tags used to control your site description in the search engines that support them: Google, Yahoo, MSN Search, AOL Search, AltaVista, AllTheWeb (FAST), HotBot, Lycos, Infoseek (Go), Excite, and WebCrawler. It is important to have well made meta tags because they can help increase your Search Engine Position.
SiteUptime SiteUptime
SiteUptime is a website monitoring service that checks your website at regular intervals and notifies you via email or SMS if it becomes unavailable.
URL Trends URL Trends
UrlTrends was developed by Joel Strellner to allow Webmasters, Search Engine Optimizers, and domain buyers to determine a websites (or a specific pages) rankings in the various search engines and directories.
Wordtracker Keywords Wordtracker Keywords
Wordtracker Keywords. Enter a starting keyword to generate up to 100 related keywords and an estimate of their daily search volume.

Social Bookmarking

AddThis AddThis
AddThis spreads your content across the Web by making it easier for your visitors to bookmark and share it with other people, again…and again…and again. Our simple yet powerful widget is very easy to install and provides valuable statistics about the bookmarking and sharing activity of your users.
Social Marker Social Marker
Social bookmarking is a powerful tool in promoting a website. But going through all of those social bookmarking sites is very time-consuming and downloading all toolbars is madness! That's where comes in, the free service designed to reduce the time and effort needed to socially bookmark a website.


Google Analytics Google Analytics
Google Analytics has been re-designed to help you learn even more about where your visitors come from and how they interact with your site.
PhpMyVisites PhpMyVisites
phpMyVisites is a free and powerful open source (GNU/GPL) software for websites statistics and audience measurements. phpMyVisites gives a lot of information on websites visitors, visited pages, software/hardware utilization, etc... The GUI Interface is fun and practical. The installation is entirely automated and very simple.
Piwik Piwik
piwik is an open source (GPL license) web analytics software. It gives interesting reports on your website visitors, your popular pages, the search engines keywords they used, the language they speak… and so much more.
Web A Gogo Web A Gogo
Webagogo is a free online tool to test the quality of your website.

Web 2.0 & Logo's

Buttonator Buttonator
Create, drag, drop nice Web 2.0 buttons for your blog. Icons can be included.
Logo Generator Logo Generator
Create a nice Web 2.0 logo for your blog.
Logo Generador Logo Generador
Create a nice Web 2.0 logo for your blog.
My Cool Button My Cool Button
Create beautiful Web 2.0 buttons for your blog. Many options.
Spiffy Corncers Spiffy Corncers
Spiffy Corners is a simple way to generate the CSS and HTML you need to create anti-aliased corners without using images or javascript.
Stripe Designer Stripe Designer
Stripes, stripes, stripes! You see them everywhere in web2.0 sites but how do you actually create them? Now here is your chance to experiment and make those stripes!
StripeMania StripeMania
Create stripes in seconds. Play with the generator, download image, use it for your designs.
Tartan Maker Tartan Maker
Still using stripes? Use this tool to create tartans for your background.


BananR BananR
The most elegant way to show your Flickr images! It's as simple as entering your user- or photoset id!
GickR GickR lets you instantly create Animated GIF online, free, right now! Just upload pictures or grab them from your Flickr. Create funny flashy slideshows with you and your friends, cartoons, previews, banners, etc.
Searchamabob Searchamabob
Searchamabob is a cool widget you can add to your site. It gives your visitors an easy way to search for a selected text on Google, Omgili or any other search engine they define.
ShrinkTheWeb ShrinkTheWeb
ShrinkTheWeb is the most powerful, free website thumbnail provider. In other words, STW will allow any webmaster who wants to show a mini-screenshot of a website to show them using our free service.
Tagclod Generator Tagclod Generator
Generate a Web 2.0 tag cloud from words of your blog.
Website Ribbon Website Ribbon
Website Ribbon gives you the opportunity to create your very own ribbon and to add to your website in a matter of seconds.
XML Sitemaps XML Sitemaps
By placing a formatted xml file with site map on your webserver, you enable Search Engine crawlers (like Google) to find out what pages are present and which have recently changed, and to crawl your site accordingly.

If you know more ridiculously useful tools for your blog or website, feel free to share them in the comments.

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