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Does Blogrush's blogosphere work?

A few days ago I posted an article how to boost up your traffic and get more readers on your blog for free. Here's an article that'll make you think again about BlogRush. Does it really work? For me it did: It got a couple of more readers on my blog and have more visits than before.


I'm not writing this article to get more BlogRush users. I just write about the up- and downsides about the service and give you some tips. Now it's up to you to decide whether or not to use it.

The upsides

  1. You will get more visitors

    There is no doubt about this one: You'll have more links to your articles on the net, more chances that people will click it, so more hits to your website. If you're a really good poster, people will subscribe to your RSS-feed and they'll be coming back to your site for more. That's what you want, don't you?
  2. It's userfriendly

    You can add the widget on your blog in a couple of minutes. BlogRush also has a couple of video tutorials how to install the widget on your website. It shows nice charts on how many visitors you have, how many clicks you earned etc. And it's not an ugly widget, don't you think? It really can fit on any website.
  3. It's completely free

    Why not give it a try? The service of BlogRush is free of any cost and it'll provide you with nice stats. The only thing that you have to pay is more bandwith for the cost of the many visitors that you'll get.

The downsides

  1. It's still beta

    Beta releases can be very good. Nothing to complain about Google's mailservice Gmail, which is still beta. Well, the beta release from BlogRush isn't that good. It's not really stable (yet), because their still fixing some bugs and errors. At this moment, the click-through rates are very low due to problems with some users cheating the system. Yesterday the widget just displayed a 404 error. And I'm telling you: It doesn't look good on your website, having a hole with such an error.
  2. Promoting others instead of yourself

    Yes, it's true. You want your readers to stick on your blog, but you're promoting other blogs. Personally I don't see this as a downside: I'm interested in what others have to offer. But if you don't want to promote other blogs, you shouldn't use this service.
  3. You don't have control over the links

    If someone is posting bullshit of any kind (Porn, "Welcome to my new blog", a link to a non-english blog), you won't be able to fix that. In fact: You don't have any control on the widget at all. You can't change the size, the font etc. The only thing you can change is the color of the border. Deal with it.
  4. More visitors doesn't mean more readers

    Just like social media services such as StumbleUpon,, Digg etc. will provide you with people coming to your blog. It doesn't nescesarily mean that you'll get more RSS-feedreaders, which is something that you want. Only few from the visitors will subribe to your feed and come back to your blog; Most will just read the article and go away.


If you can live with the downsides and you want to put the widget to your blog, or you just want to give it a try, use these tips to get the maximum effect of BlogRush:

  1. Create effective blog titles

    This is the best tip, but also the most tricky one. BlogRush takes the title of your post and places it on the widgets of other sites. If you make it too long, your title will be cut off. That's something you don't want to happen. Maximize your title posts to 40 characters and select a good name of the post. People will have to say "I want to read that post!" just by seeing the title of it. And don't spam: Don't use keywords that have absolutely nothing to do with the article, just to get hits.
  2. Selecting username

    Same as selecting the blog titles: Don't make it too long. You don't want your username look like this: Superblog, Free tips fro.., when the username entered was really: Superblog, Free tips from me for any stuff that you want to read.. Just pick a username with the name of the blog (Superblog), nothing less, nothing more.
  3. Placing the widget

    Place the widget on a spot that's logic. Don't put it in the sidebar if it doesn't have anything to do there, "just because you need to place it". I placed it on the bottom of my page because I have more link-outs over there. Remember that it's visible to all your readers and keep it that way. Don't make it scrolling with the user; There aren't much more annoying things then a huge scrolling down widget.
  4. Blending it to your website

    I'm happy to hear that BlogRush will have color shemes, so that it'll blend into your website. Pick the color of your website out of the BlogRush Flavors and let it blend into your blog.
  5. Keeping the quality high

    If you finally have more readers on your blog, don't forget them. They've subribed to your feed to get something, so give them something in return. Don't give them zero credit, otherwise you'll lose your readers as fast as you've got them.


Does BlogRush's blogosphere work? Oh yes it does, it's really effective for your website if you have readers (even if it's just a few) and if you followed those above tips. It can really boost your visits (and feedreaders). Personally I think the upsides are way better than the downsides, even if there are more downsides than upsides.

Before you add the widget to your website, you should consider these above up- and downsides. But don't wait too long; There aren't so many potential Blog Rush-ers in the blogosphere left, which means that you won't have much referrals. Sign up as soon as possible for BlogRush, otherwise you won't stand a chance.

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