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Extraordinary places you can leave your domain name

One of the main things you want when you're creating a website, is that (new) people are able to find you. People don't enter random URL's in the address bar of their browser, so they won't find your website that way. You'll need to share your domain name (URL) on as many places as possible. It's one of the tips that I gave a while ago.

The most common places to begin sharing your domain, are online places like commenting on blogs, placing it on forums, sharing your site with social networking sites; You've probably heard them before. But this article is listing extraordinary places you can leave your domain name for free.

Places you can leave your domain name for free

OK, I have to admit: Not many things in this world is actually free. You'll still need to do something (time / effort) to actually make it work. If you have any places where you can drop your domain name, feel free to share them in the comments! I'm pretty sure more people would want some innovative and creative ideas where they can share their website. Every visitor on your website is valuable, so every hit counts and letting people remember your name is critical to do so.

Places where you can leave your domain name

In the sand

Domain in Sand

Sorry for the messed up photo - I couldn't fit my creation on one image, so I had do put a couple of them together.

The beach! A wonderful place to relax, swim, build sand castles or drop your domain. It is actually pretty fun to do too! Although I don't expect much people to actually have an internet connection on the beach, every visitor (even from an iPhone) is one more!

Google Maps Optimized

Place your logo and/or domain name on the rooftop of your house to get noticed on Google Maps. Take an example of the Firefox logo on Google Maps, it'll make your logo immortal. I don't really know when your logo will be indexed by Google though.

Another way to get noticed on Google Maps (or Google Earth) is by placing a big sign in your front yard with your URL. Now just wait for a Google Streetview car to pass by and let them do all the work for you.

In your Wireless SSID

Domain in your SSID

If you have a wireless router, you can set your SSID to your own domain name. This way, whenever people want to try to steal your bandwidth, they first get noticed to visit your website. The same counts for your neighbors: They'll easily see your SSID too!

Your Bluetooth Broadcast

Domain in Bluetooth

The previous tips (wireless SSID) has its limits: It's only visible in the area where your wireless can broadcast. Setting the name of your phone for bluetooth can help you spread the word about your website even more!

Mention it in your voice mail

This can keep them busy until you have time to call them back or answer their call later!

Twitter Background Image

Domain in Twitter

Twitter is hot. People with well designed Twitter backgrounds are hot. Check out the above image from David: A perfect place to place your domain! As you can see, David links to his blogs: Tutorial9 and UXBooth.

Place it on a sticker/Post-it

Domain on a Sticker/Post-it

And stick it on any public area. Go to Starbucks, school, restroom etc. and leave your mark. Make sure loads of people notice it: That way, the chances that they'll be visiting your website will be larger!

On your desktop

Your personal desktop is a great place to leave your domain name. Just place it in a huge font, so that when people walk by, they'll surely notice it. This way works especially well when having a presentation: It's like "subliminal message" when you have to switch windows. People viewing your presentation see the URL and probably want to see what's behind it.

On your creditcard

Domain on a Credit Card

When you're lucky, you're able to design the print of your creditcard yourself. Although (hopefully) not many will actually see the card loads of times, if it gets stolen, the thief will probably visit your site. You might lose all your money, but you have one extra visitor on your website.

On a shirt

You can create/print almost anything on a shirt these days. Create an amazing design, make sure your domain name is clearly visible and print it on shirt. People will probably notice the great design (or the huge font - you choose) and will wonder what that site is about.

As your "from" e-mail address

Domain name in your mail

As you can see, this is actually a technique from Jacob Cass and I didn't realize that this place could be perfectly used to drop your domain. Many people place it in their signature, but not many people will read that. Change your "from" address and include your domain for more exposure.

Using it as your USB name

Domain name as your USB

This is an easy, yet effective one. Simply change the name of your portable USB drive to your domain name. Every time you plug it in another computer, sharing files with others, they'll get remembered by your awesome site.

Say it on live TV/Radio

Whenever you get the chance to get on live TV/Radio, just make sure that you leave your domain. Simply shout it out loud, go wild, do crazy stuff etc. You'll probably get kicked out, get a huge fine for doing so, but you'll surely get loads of media attention that would normally cost you even more to advertise.

Making it in Cookie dough

Domain Cookie dough

I was making some cookies and had some extra dough left. "What to do with that?"? You guessed it right; As you can see above, I'm presenting the logo from Marcofolio as a delicious (a little bit burned black) cookie!-

Just be creative! Every place where you have the freedom to create something, don't hesitate to drop your domain name or logo! Do you have more extraordinary/uncommon/unknown places where you love to place your domain name? Feel free to share them.

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