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StumbleUpon for Dummies

I have to admit that I'm a little bit addicted to StumbleUpon. Once I start clicking the "Show me next page" button, I can hardly stop stumbling the internet. With me, there are many other SU users having the same problem. It's way to much fun to browse the net with SU.

StumbleUpon for Dummies

For those people that are not familiar with StumbleUpon, get it now and browse the internet with it. I've created a flowchart for the "dummies" in the world of StumbleUpon, but also for the SU users right now. Have fun stumbling.

StumbleUpon for Dummies Flowchart

StumbleUpon for Dummies Flowchart

Don't forget to click the "I like it" button!

Tags:  stumbleupon social bookmarking fun image chart

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