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Make long URL's short with these services

Don't you hate it when someone sends you an e-mail or chat message with an URL that looks like this: Stadhouderskade+42,+Amsterdam,+The+Netherlands&sll=40.71451,-74.0071 4&sspn=0.625578,1.560059&ie=UTF8&z=16&iwloc=addr&om=1

Or comments on your blog / website that have these huge links that will screw up your website layout?

Make long URL's short

Set an example and use any of the services listed below that will make the URL short to re-direct someone to the correct website with the long URL. All short URL's lead to the main page.

Services making short URL's

Example Short URL:
Doiop Doiop Doiop
Example Short URL:
Works with a keyword on the end of the short URL
Dwarf URL Dwarf URL Dwarf URL
Example Short URL:
Optional: URL protected by password
Curl Curl Curl
Example Short URL:
Friendly Name URL's
Hop2 Hop2 Hop2
Example Short URL:
Optional: Hop Word
Example Short URL:
ID Length & Optional Description
Example Short URL:
Example Short URL:
Optional: Adding keywords to the URL
Not Long Not Long Not Long
Example Short URL:
Works when subdomain is available and can be passworded
Shortless Shortless Shortless
Example Short URL:
Optional: Add custom tag
Snip URL Snip URL Snip URL
Example Short URL:
Optional: Nickname, Private key and Title
Teensylink Teensylink Teensylink
Example Short URL:
Optional: Password Protection and CAPTCHA
Tiny URL Tiny URL Tiny URL
Example Short URL:
Trace URL Trace URL Trace URL
Example Short URL:
Many advanced options (Use Demo account to test)
URL Beach URL Beach URL Beach
Example Short URL:
Example Short URL:
Example Short URL:
Example Short URL:
Optional: Custom tags

Other Services

Huge URL Huge URL Huge URL
A parody website to all of the above services. Create URL's that are huge. Because bigger is better, right?
LinkNark LinkNark LinkNark
Use NickNark to uncover the URL behind any of the URL's created by one of the services listed above. This can be useful if you don't trust the short URL, hiding the real URL.

Do you know more services that can make a huge URL short? Place it in the comments and I'll add them to this article.

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