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Powerful music MP3 search engines

Do you hate getting spyware from P2P programs such as LimeWire?. And don't you want to download the full album through torrents since you only want that one single or song? Here's the solution: A couple of HTTP search engines making life a little bit easier for you.

MP3 Search Engines

I only placed the logo's and URL's to the websites, since they mainly do all the same thing: Bringing you your music for free.

MP3 Search Engines & Portals

AirMP3 Audio Galaxy AudioRaider BeeMP3 Cool Toad
Deezer eSpew Find mp3s Googel Google Pirate
Hushie Ithaki Karabit mp3babu MP3Lizard
MP3 Miracle MP3Realm MP3 Search MP3ZY MP3000
Music Search Plus Newest MP3 Papaiti SkreemR WuZAM

Bonus Tip: Google

You could also try this Google phrase to find your beloved music.

"music" intitle:index.of mp3 -html -htm -php -asp -txt -pls

Simply replace the word music with any word you like and hope for good results.

What is your favorite MP3 search engine?

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