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Offline ways to keep your creative fluids going

"Inspiration can be found everywhere". But what if you're simply empty and have no fuel in your creativity tank left? You can always get stuck at a creativity block, which could have a very big impact.

To prevent this phenomenon from happening to you, I compled a list with 10+ offline ways to keep your creative fluids going to prevent a creativity block.

Be Creative

As you can see by the title of this article, this list aims at the offline ways (by not using your computer) in order to turn your creativity spark into a bursting creative flame. Feel free to share your number one way to keep on being creative! Where do you find your inspiration?

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jQuery 1.3 and PHP: Book review and Giveaway

Combining both jQuery and PHP can be very powerful. One of my very popular articles called A fancy search suggestion is combining these two techniques too, to achieve the desired effect. There are loads of tutorials on the net that also use both techniques, but Kae Verens wrote a complete book about it. The book is called jQuery 1.3 with PHP (by Packt Publishing) and shares great information on how you can combine jQuery and PHP for use on your own website.

I've read the book and wrote a review about it. Now, you have a chance to win this book and read it yourself!

jQuery 1.3 and PHP

What you'll learn from this book:

  • Integrate jQuery into your PHP applications
  • Manipulate images non-destructively
  • Create your own jQuery plugins
  • Use a drag/drop mechanism to sort lists and create hierarchical menus
  • and much more!.

Read the review below and make sure to check out how you can win a hardcopy version of this book. Also, make sure you subscribe to the RSS feed or follow me on Twitter to get updates on more future giveaways.

Tags:  book review giveaway jquery php
Best of the Best: 2009

A little bit of sad news; This will be the last post on Marcofolio on 2009. I'm going to Austria for two weeks and enjoy a winter sport vacation. But don't worry, I'm planning on finishing this year with another great article.

Just like last year, I contacted several (web)design bloggers and asked them the following question: Could you provide me with the URL of what you think is the best article that you wrote in the past year (2009)? If you do, please add a short description why you found that article the best one. As you can imagine, this post is a round up with the actual best posts from the past year from several great blogs.

Best of the Best: 2009

I have nothing left to say except to wish you a safe and joyful new year's eve and I hope to see you back (with all your fingers) in 2010! Check out this Christmas card from me and my girlfriend, wishing this to everybody in the world.

Now let's see what the people behind the blogs consider to be their best article from the past year. Smashing Magazine has two entries, but I allowed them since they're from different authors.

Tags:  roundup inspiration weblog 2009 best of webdesign
Your two cents - CSS3 animation and Lazy loading

Normally, I would ask questions/opinions from people through Twitter. But sometimes, you really need more space for the question/opinion than 140 characters. That's why I wanted to try a new concept on Marcofolio, called Your two cents. I'll lay down two statements (one cent each), and you're free to share your opinion with the world. Of course, I'll share my opinion too.

Keep in mind these are just opinions from me (and hopefully others in the comments) and not facts. If this concept gets loads of response, I'll continue thinking about other statements.

Your two cents

Here are the two statements on which I'm very curious about what you think about them:

“Animation properties, as added in CSS3, don't belong there.”

Webkit based browsers (Safari and Chrome) support CSS animation (transition and animation). It allows the designer to animate an element across a given timespan.

“Lazyloading images should be implemented on every website.”

Lazy loading delays loading of images in (long) web pages. Images outside of viewport (visible part of web page) wont be loaded before user scrolls to them.

So, what do you think about these two statements? Join the discussion!

Tags:  two cents opinion comments css3 transition lazyloading
Complete list with sweet UI improvements on Windows 7

First things first here: I'm a Mac guy. But I must say: Windows 7 has made quite a lot improvements compared to it's predecessor (Vista). The first time I booted the OS and saw flying orbs create the Windows logo, I was impressed.

I was even more impressed by the amazing user interface improvements made by Microsoft. For those that aren't familiar with these, here's a complete list with sweet UI improvements on Windows 7. Below is the startup screen created by the flying orbs.

Windows 7

A small little diclaimer here: I've fully skipped the "Windows Vista Era", since I moved to Mac OSX right after Windows XP. There might be some things in this list that were already implemented in Vista, but I wasn't aware of those. Also, this list only shows the graphical improvements - not the technical.

That being said, let's check out the slick UI improvements Microsoft brought to their new OS. It could be pretty inspirational for you too!

Tags:  windows 7 user interface improvement microsoft
Giveaway contest - Invoicera Billing Software

Formatting and submitting invoices may seem like a headache at times, but this essential component of the billing process is a critical part of doing business. Record-keeping would be nearly impossible without a paper trail that includes invoices submitted to clients, customers or employers. This is where one should consider the help offered by web based invoicing software, a surprisingly simple and easy way to automate your invoicing paperwork.

There are a plethora of online invoicing and billing applications to choose from but not all of them are capable of meeting the expectations. Many of them are at a loss on features or there is a high cost involved. There is hardly any software which comes to the rescue of freelancers, entrepreneurs or SMB owners and helps them to sync their all crucial tasks. But things are changing now and Invoicera is one of the latest exciting entrants in the race bringing about this change.


Three lucky readers will be able to win a license for Invoicera. Read the rules below to find out how you can join this contest: it's pretty simple! If you're one of the three winners, you'll receive one licence for Invoicera. Make sure you join this contest quick, since it ends on October 9th and you'll automatically receive information if you have won a prize. Good luck to everyone!

Also, make sure you subscribe to the RSS feed or follow me on Twitter to get updates on more future giveaways.

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