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Flash Web Roundup - Great tutorials and experiments

About the author:
Carlos Pinho is a web-dev geek and is founder of The Tech Labs, a blog/site which publishes free tutorials on Adobe Air, Flash and Flex. The Tech Labs is maintained by multiple authors. You can follow Carlos on Twitter.

Flash Web Roundup

The launch of the Flash platform, was perhaps the greatest revolution the world of the Internet has seen to date. One of the determinant factors is the high success on the rate of deployment in any browser from any OS. Its success is due also to the constant updating and development of new frameworks, API's as also the effort that Adobe and Community dedicated to show their experiences through the tutorials, whether through demonstrations and source codes. That is exactly what we are going to show today: Tutorials and experiments that will help to improve your skills.

Tags:  flash roundup flex actionscript as3 tutorial experiment guest article
Chatting on warp speed with Janko Javonovic

Janko Javonovic is an (digital) artist, UI designer, husband, father and founder of Janko At Warp Speed. The tagline of JAWS (Helps you build good looking and functional web sites) is exactly what the site is about. I found his website last year through StumbleUpon, when Janko had "just" 600 RSS subscribers. From that point on, his blog kept on growing and growing and many people like Jankos creative thoughts and ideas that he's sharing.

Last week, I was "chatting on warp speed" with Janko, sharing thoughts about webdesign, UI design, webdevelopment and his personal life. You can read this conversation right here.

Warpspeed chatting with Janko Javonovic

I'll be placing an tutorial online later this week on how you can create these cute "text-balloons" yourself with CSS. Now, lets sit down and warpspeed chat with this creative man behind the scenes of Janko at Warp Speed.

Tags:  janko javonovic warp speed chat interview personal
A Walkthrough on Creating Icons with Photoshop

About the author: IconPlant offers the highest quality XP style icons available at the most affordable prices and our service is prompt and reliable.

Creating Icons with Photoshop

Many think about making their own icons for their design projects. In fact it is actually possible to make your own icons, according to your taste. What you will need is Adobe Photoshop, some Photoshop tutorials to get an idea, and of course your creativity. The following article is not a tutorial, but a walkthrough on the general steps for using Photoshop to make icons.

Tags:  guest article walkthrough icons tips photoshop gets a facelift

Remember my goals for 2009? One of the goals was: Finally changing / update my template. Today, I'm proud to release this template, giving a totally new and unique look.

The New

I already had my template designed November 2008, but never had the time to convert it to HTML/CSS. I was really lucky to be the winner of a PSD to XHTML contest on CrazyLeaf. The guys from Feathercode did a real good job at converting my PSD to a nice XHTML page.

Since I'm using Joomla!, I still needed to transfer this XHTML to a Joomla! template. It took me a while, but it's finally here: the new template for is placed in the wild!

Changes from the previous theme:

  1. Header/Footer (Didn't you notice?)
  2. Typeface
  3. Now added a live Twitter feed
  4. Made use of some fun jQuery
  5. Advertising spots are now through BuySellAds - Just $40 each!

Just check out the new that got a new, colourful, grungy, abstract new look.

Tags:  facelift marcofolio template design grunge
27 inspiring top notch programming quotes

It's been a while that I got a chance to write another post here. Currently, I'm really busy with school/work (just got a "job" at InfoSupport - love it!) which takes a lot of my time.

When my classmates and myself wrote the Getting Groovy in an SOA Study, we added some cool programming quotes that was a real addition to the report. When searching for those inspiring programming quotes, there were loads of others that are really funny (and true) where I (and probably many more) can relate to.

Inspiring Programming Quotes

Here are two of my favourite programming quotes:

“ Java is to JavaScript what Car is to Carpet. ” - Chris Heilmann

“ It's hard enough to find an error in your code when you're looking for it; it's even harder when you've assumed your code is error-free. ” - Steve McConnell

Check out these other 25 to see if you can relate!

Tags:  quote top notch programming inspiring
Getting Groovy in an SOA

Six months ago, I've started researching a fairly new programming language called Groovy together with a couple of my classmates. Our task was to investigate Groovy, Grails, and their position in a SOA environment (Remember I wrote a review about the SOA Symposium?).

Looking back at the research, I must say I really love Groovy. It's an agile dynamic language for the Java Platform with loads of cool stuff. I'm planning on making some Groovy/Grails tutorials, just to show others how strong this programming language is.

Getting Groovy and Grails in an SOA

More information about the paper:

  • Written in English (By dutch students, so please forgive any spelling mistakes).
  • A total of 74 pages
  • Explains many aspects of Groovy, you could use the first couple of chapters as a cheat cheet for Groovy.
  • Pretty nice styled and easy to read

Simply download and read the document if you're into SOA, Groovy and/or Grails (or want to learn it), a Java Programmer and want to learn something else, or another programmer that wants to learn another (fun and very cool!) programming language!

Getting Groovy in an SOA

I want to thank Bart van Zeeland, Youssef Elmessaoudi, Gaya Kessler and Jaap Mengers for being my colleagues during this research. I'd also like to thank Rody Middelkoop and Sander Leer for lecturing us.

You can also read more research papers from fellow classmates about Spring & OSGi and Webservice Transactions (Dutch).

Tags:  groovy grails soa research study paper school
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