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Crazy wannahave for Christmas: Splash pig

Christmas is coming up and you're searching everywhere to buy something cool for someone else. Thing is, you actually don't have time of all of this. Don't worry; Here's a nice little gift that will give joy to anyone. I don't know the English term, but I like to call it the Splash pig.

Christmas Wannahave: Splash Pig

He looks pretty normal (but cute) on the picture, but check out the video's below and you'll see why it's so cool. Oh, and of course you can give yourself one for the holidays.

Splash Pig

More video's

Last one has a Grudge warning at the end.

Where to buy

According to the video's, you can buy these things on It's too bad the website is in a language that I can't understand, so if anyone knows a English mirror site / knows where to buy these things, please share it with the rest of us.

I don't think these things will cost you more than 5 bucks, but they're really cool to play with. I can't image someone that will not like to see this cute pig being splashed. Don't want to know what it's made out of, could be very poisonous (maybe not).

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