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Sony Bravia pyramid commercial will colour your day

As you meight have noticed on my previous article, I really like colors in life. What do you expect from a designer like me.

Most people around the world will have seen the Sony Bravia Ball Bounce Commercial. It's a commercial where you see all kinds of bouncing balls going down a road with a nice tune on the background. The newer Bravia commercial is a little les known, but still as exciting to watch. You'll see all kinds of paint exploding and coloring an old appartement.

Now the Sony Bravia has a new commercial and this one is just as good as the first two. It shows a pyramid getting colors from a whole bunch of threads. It's really cool to see.

Sony Bravia Pyramid Commercial

Also this one has a nice tune on the background.

Sony Bravia - Pyramid Commercial

Quicktime required.

I had to re-scale this video because of my lay-out. To view the movie fullscreen, click here.

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