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Top 10 "Do It Yourselves" (DIY)

It's weekend! Time to do something with your free time and make it useful. Here's a top 10 list of Do It Youself's (Short DIY). DIY's are there to create something really cool for yourself, at the lowest cost. Additionally, it's fun to do since you can say that you created the thing by hand.

Do It Yourself

These video's are found on Metacafe, check it out for more DIY's.

Top 10 "Do It Yourselves" (DIY)

  1. DIY #10: Scratchpad

    This is one of the most funny and cheapest DIY's I've ever seen. Make your own scratchpad if you want to be a DJ and mix music. You'll only be using a pizzabox.
  2. DIY #09: Glowing Ice Bulb

    Don't know if this is going to be really useful, but it's just really cool to look at. Hang the glowing ice bulb in your room when your friend come over and they'll be amazed at what they'll see.
  3. DIY #08: Taser

    Always wanted to have a taser that you can use for your own protection? Those things will cost a lot, here's a DIY taser that's really cheap.
  4. DIY #07: Lightning Globe

    These things are really cool to see, but are pretty dangerous. Amaze your friends (and yourself) when you're finished with the most shocking globe you created.
  5. DIY #06: Hologram Illusion

    Although Halloween was already a couple of days ago, I couldn't resist to mention this DIY. You'll be able to create a hologram illusion that looks pretty nice and I'm sure that you'll be able to make it for another use than Halloween.
  6. DIY #05: Music Driven Laser Light Show

    Another DIY where you can impress your friends with. When you're throwing a party, just make a couple of these and you'll have a nice lasershow in your own house, again at really low cost.
  7. DIY #04: Spy Stethoscope

    Spy attributes/gadgets are really cool (and really expensive). Therefor is this DIY placed on #4 of this list. You'll be able to listen to everything with your spy-listening-kit.
  8. DIY #03: Matchbox Camera

    Another (sort of) spy gadget. A really small camera with the size of a matchbox. Now you can take pictures everywhere with your own created miniature camera.
  9. DIY #02: Cotton Candy Machine

    I love cotton candy and who doesn't? Every time you see a cotton candy bar, you want one. Now you can create your own at your own home with this DIY cotton candy maker.
  10. DIY #01: Laser Flashlight

    Burning lasers are really cool but really expensive. Here, #1 on this list, is shown how you can create such a burning laser using an old flashlight.

Worth mentioning

These DIY's didn't make the top 10, but I found them good enough to mention them here.

Secret Hidden Safe
Here's a very simply DIY where is explained how you can create how own, small but very well hidden secret safe.

Crystal Clear Ice
Are you also tired of those "white" icecubes? Make them crystal clear to impress others. They'll surely will ask you how you did that, since even the most restaurant don't have it.

Laser Microphone
This is one DIY I was really doubting about putting it on the top 10 list. Make your own laser-spy-microphone, allowing you to listen to other places by just aiming your laser to it.

5.1 Surround Headphone
Do you also hate it if your headphone doesn't have 5.1 dolby surround? Here's a quick little DIY, allowing you to create such an effect.

Cloud Lamp
Amazing effect is easy and fun to build. Uses only soap and water. Looks great in any lighting.

Do you know other DIY's really worth mentioning?

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