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Use a custom font on your website

Webdesigners always have to make sure that they use a common font for their website, otherwise it'll display incorrect on browser that don't have the font installed. This can be really annoying if you want to use a nice custom font. You could load the font in Photoshop and save it as an image, but this isn't dynamic and is not SEO. Here are two solutions on how to make dynamic custom fonts.

This is a dynamic custom font

Using image replacement

And is SEO proof

The font used above is called Diavlo and uses PHP Image Replacement. The other technique that you can use is sIFR. These can very good be used as attractive blog titles.

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Create a sticky sidebar or box

After my previous article on how to create a peeling corner on your website, I now give you another great thing for your website. I'll explain how to create a sticky sidebar or box that will scroll down with the user. Excellent to put your navigation in, promoting your RSS Feed or placing advertisement.

Sticky sidebar or box

This technique uses CSS and JavaScript. Works in IE7+, Firefox, Opera and Safari.

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22 beautiful image galleries for your website

I'm sorry folks, I don't know why this is. The number "22" has hit me and I don't know why. After my articles with top 22 CSS tutorials, 22 steps you must do after setting up a blog and my previous article about the top 22 photoshop tutorials, I now give you a nice collection of 22 beautiful image galleries for your website.

This is a list with 15 JavaScript galleries and 7 Flash-based galleries.

22 beautiful image galleries for your website

Best of all, these galleries are all completely free. Grab one and use it wisely for your website and your visitors will be stunned.

Tags:  image gallery website webdesign internet
15 nightmares of a web designer or developer

Regular readers that know a little bit more about me, will know that I'm a freelance webdesigner. During the years, I had several employers that want me to build them a website. Some of them had some questions that made me thinking "WHY?!". Here are a 15 "favorite" nightmares of any web designer or developer.

Webdesign Nightmare

Oh, and to help you all, I added some tips so that you'll be able to avoid these nightmares. It'll make you sleep tight like a baby.

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Create a peeling corner on your website

Peeling a webpage is very fun to do and it'll draw attention from your users. You can use to it place advertations, or draw attention to a hot article on your own website. Here I'll explain how to create such an effect on your website. It uses Flash and JavaScript, and is really easy to install. A live demo for the peeling effect can seen when you fully read this article.

Peeling Webpage

I received this package from the admin of, a great dutch music website.

Tags:  how to peel website webdesign
Create a mailingform for your website using only HTML

Sometimes readers of your website want to contact you. If you don't have server side scripting knowledge (PHP, ASP, JSP etc.) or your webhost doesn't have server side scripting support (if you have a free host), you can't use a webform and you'll probably go for the next solution:
Posting your mailaddress on the site <a href="mailto:user[at]">webmaster</a>. This is not recommended because spambots are designed to follow those URL's. Additionally, this type or URL opens an external mailing program which can be very annoying for your readers.

Here is the solution: Create a mailingform using only HTML. Very easy to install / implement on your website.

HTML Mailing Form

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